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April 2018

Pretapawter Dog Walkers Bag

Spent some time photographing these lovingly hand made dog walking bags recently. Dorset.

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October, 2018

Loving the Cupcakes

Great afternoon spent at Julia's Kitchen in Poole, Dorset.

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April, 2017

"A Horse A Horse, My Kingdom for a Horse"

What an experience, photographing a majestic beast like a horse.

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April, 2018

Why the Nikon 105mm Macro?

The detail is just incredible, it's a no brainer.

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October, 2018

Top Tips when it comes to Photoshop

Its all about being creative, there are so many tools to choose from in Photoshop and knowledge is power.

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December, 2018

What happens when the weather turns bad

You have to go with the flow, it can sometimes bring out the best in an image..

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September, 2016

"A little bit about me"

How did i get started, good question!

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Dorset Portrait Photographer

February, 2018

Need a new Look for your profile picture

Time to change your profile picture just to freshen up your look. Why you say?

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June, 2016

About Us

Get in touch and get booked in today.

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October, 2016

The perfect Portrait shot

The perfect portrait for me apart from capturing the subject is about longevity. A great portrait will stand the test of time,

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