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Among my favorite types of photography is event photography. You may think it very unglamorous but its never boring and therefore all-encompassing. Its not all Black-Tie coporate events, it can cover a range of themes including Festivals, Concerts, Sporting Events, New restaurant openings, all sorts really. That's the reason why I love to do event photography, the variety keeps it fresh and exciting. One day you're shooting 'The Dorset Chilly Festival', the next an outdoor opera in the grounds of a country manor house. It's always great to meet new and interesting people! It's tough organising an event, so recording your hard work with some professional photos is a real portfolio winner and something you can use to promote your next event.

Generally speaking, you can photograph an event with no prior knowledge of the event but I like to research and put a plan of action together for my client, so a couple of weeks notice is always a good start. I'm very flexible in terms of the day of your event and i'll work a full day and into the evening if you need me too. If your event spans over 2-3-4 days then this is also not a problem, I can work a plan to suit your requirements...pretty much everything is possible!

Carl was here, there and everywhere, and looking at the results of the photos i can see that he wanted to capture everything that was on offer. A great weekend and the weather was gorgeous too, thanks so much for the creative images. See you next year!

Oliver Lynch, from Boardmaster 2016, Cornwall

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