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Carl Rogers, from Carl Rogers Photography.

If we're not making you happy, it will be virtually impossible to forge a long lasting relationships with you. We aim to exceed your expectations and demonstrate to you how we can become a valued extension to your business or persnal project..

Carl Rogers

Carl Rogers

"If your happy and you know it leave some words"

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June / July, 2018 (Verwood, Dorset)

Lyn of Pretapawter

My dog walking bags look fantastic, i can really see the benefit of getting professional pictures done. You were right Carl it is all about the quality of the images. The photos on location and the studio photos for my website are amazing. I can't wait for the next chapter! now i have my own photographer, yippee.

Thank you very much Lyn, your too kind! Love your product, love your brand and we will continue to work with you when ever you need us, me & Lucy really enjoyed each project we have worked on with yourself. Pretapawter is one to look out for in the future.

May / June / July, 2018 (Verwood, Dorset)

Rob of the HMS Spirit Company

Carl, we absolutely loved the images that you created for our Mary Rose Gin. The styling was just perect and the studio shots were just what we needed to use for our editorial promotional pictures. Brillaint.

Thank you Rob, glad to have been of service, the Gin is very nice, thanks for the free bottle, very nice in this heat with a dash of tonic and some ice, thanks again for the opportunity to take on the challenge.

June, 2018 (Verwood, Dorset)


I love the pictures you took of my children and the group shots of us all, i actually cried when i saw them, you made my year, thank you so very much Carl. I will be recommending you to all my friends..

Cried! WOW, it's amazing what a picture can do to stir up the emotions, loved having you guys round, it was a pleasure to work with you and your lovely children..

May, 2018 (Seatown, Dorset)

Mark Jones

My web images you did for me have really made my website look amazing, Thank you Carl, great job, speak soon.

I'm glad you're pleased with them Mark, it was my pleasure, it was a fun job and it's always good to have a client allow me to use my creative side, lets get together soon.

May, 2017 (Geneva, Switzerland)

Louise Mole

The photos are framed and hung on my living room wall, they look amazing, it was such a fun day, can't believe how well behaved the kids were, they never sit still for me LOL. Thank you, see you around Xmas time as discussed.

Your kids were amazing Lou, maybe it was the sweets! I was really pleased with the results, thanks for the photo they really do look amazing, lovely frames by the way. See you all Christmas time.

May 21, 2016, (Woodlands Lodge Hotel, Bartley)

John Lanaghan

Mel was so pleased with the photos Carl, if i ever get married again i'll give you a call, "Only Joking"! I still don't know how you managed to make all those changes in the images, great work once again.

No problem John, it's all in a days work, well a few days of photoshopping, thats the bit i enjoy, the challenge and you certainly challenged me. Glad to have been able to help.