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June, 2017

A Beautiful Majestic Beast

Last weekend, I went out to take some photos of the largest of all pets – a horse! Melissa, has a small collection of horses she owns and rides at a stable yard in North Devon and she commissioned me to see if I could capture her favorite horse “Apollo” in all his glory. What a day it turned out to be so I thought I’d share the results with you here.

Melissa is very skilled when it comes to getting “Apollo” to do as she wants him to do and she began proceedings with a quick and easy warm up ride around the field before I attempted to shoot. I started with a few test shots to set my camera up, using a Nikon 70-200mm F/2.8 Telephoto lens because this is one of my favorite all-rounder’s quick, sharp and easy to pull in and out, giving me lots of options as “Apollo” galloped and sprinted around the field. He was in a very playful mood, switching and changing direction every few seconds which made for some good motion / speed shots. Movement is obviously very important when photographing a horse, as in general they like to stand still and are quite easy to capture when taking a stationary portrait. It’s when they move around that the pictures begin to take shape. An hour into the shoot and I had some that looked like great images, so next stop was the laptop in order to check out the files on my camera. The horse deserved a break, he was using up a load of energy so needed a recharge.

Melissa made us both a coffee and we sat down to go through the files. We had some really great pictures so Melissa picked out the angles that she liked best and we set about another half hour shoot so I could focus on those specific angels which Melissa preferred the look of. Again “Apollo” performed, he was so majestic and obedient it was truly special watching owner and animal work together the way they did. I finished shooting and had some 325 photos to go through.

I said my goodbyes and set off home to start work on some post production before I let Melissa see any of the final shots. A couple of days later I was ready to reveal the pictures to Melissa and the reaction was actually quite emotional. Melissa was so pleased with the results and I think you’ll agree that if you can capture these majestic beasts in their element doing what they do, they look absolutely amazing!

It was a real pleasure to work with Melissa and “Apollo” and I can’t wait to work with more horses and their owners again in the near future.

Carl Rogers, from carlrogersphotography.