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My wife has recently been on a few food master classes run by Julia Cotton, called Julia's Kitchen. Based in Poole, Dorset, Julia a former chef, runs amazing cookery masterclasses out of her unique Kitchen in her home. It's no ordinary home, a conversion has been done to create an amazing space to teach, eat and enjoy each others company while learning new skills. My wife had mentioned to Julia that i was a photographer and might be interested in doing a shoot for her to showcase some of her delightful master class food. Julia though it a great idea so i got in touch with her and went to see her at her home and business location in Poole, Dorset.

As this was the first time with Julia, i just took directions and assisted with the pictures that she wanted as her clients were finishing off their designs. It was really just a first meeting to discuss future projects together, but a few shots while i was there made for a little practice shoot, it was quick and fun. I didn't realise how many different style could be designed by only 9 people. After the pictures were taken we had a chat and i'll be visiting Julia's Kitchen again to get some more styled shots for Julia's catering website.

I look forward to getting to know Julia a little more and working with her in the very near future so watch this space for the next chapter of food photography.

If your interested in cooking, meeting new people or generally having fun with food, Julia is for you, look her up at the link below.

Thank you so much for all your time. You got some great shots.

Julia Cotton, from Julia's Kitchen.