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September, 2016

Adobe Photoshop CC

Thanks to blogs like Photoshop Disasters and the many, many errors in editing judgement it points out, use of the Adobe photo-editing software has become something of a punchline. But Photoshop itself isn’t the problem; it’s how the tool is used, and by whom. For professional photographers, Photoshop isn’t about warping bathroom mirror selfies — it’s about creating beautiful images with subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) alterations after the fact. Getting it right in-camera is the dream, sure — but Photoshop has allowed top photographers to expand their abilities and stretch the bounds of photography.

With the introduction of Photoshop, it felt like “the whole world opened up to us as photographers,”. It bridged the gap between film and digital. “Photoshop is a tool I use everyday,” its another tool in my lighting kit.” Neutrally-lit photos can be edited in a wide range of ways, from color correction to shadow emphasis, turning otherwise fairly average images into powerfully detailed masterpieces. In addition to augmenting and correcting photographs, Photoshop Hall of Famer Dave Cross says that the software can also be viewed as a way to expand the horizons of photography itself.

“Sometimes I have these grand ideas. But I don’t always have a massive budget. So how do I make that become a reality? Well, what I do, is I become resourceful with Photoshop.”

To get the best from Photoshop you need to learn all the tools and practice, practice and practice some more..

Carl Rogers, from carlrogersphotography.

In any industry, you have to adapt to changes in technology or you'll get phased out. That holds true even in Photography. With so many people competing for so few jobs you have to set yourself apart from the crowd and stay memorable to clients. Why not have some knowledge of Photoshop in your arsenal? The more you know how to do the more valuable you'll be.

March 24, 2015

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