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Profile Picture Update or Wall Hanging

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If you're not happy with your profile photo, or want some unsightly blemishes removed from an otherwise nice photo of yourself, then why not consider some photoshop surgery? Totally digital obviously!

So, how does it work? You get in touch, I take the shot, carry out the manipulation to suit your bespoke requirements and hey presto you have an amazing model/celebrity picture of yourself ready to grace your social media profile or a wall in your house! You may just want your skin smoothed or your eyes made brighter but you may want a smaller nose, larger eyes, a chin tuck or just a make-over, you decide and let me work my magic and turn you into a glamourpuss or male adonis...

Our sessions involve professional make up and styling (by my talented wife) to give you the ultimate experience. You'll be given a brief based on your requirements but ultimately Lucy's wealth of styling experience will help guide you in the right direction to get the right look for you. You'll need to bring some outfits with you so you have some options of what works and what doesn't. This is all part of the service, you will not only feel like a superstar but you will look like one in the photos afterwards.

What can i say, i had so many comments on my photo, people couldn't believe how amazing i looked! People literally thought i'd had a makeover and surgery, hilarious!!!

Maria Dawson-Jones, from Southampton.