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I can meet future clients in so many unexpected ways and my work for Pret A Pawter is a case in point. Last summer we went for a family day out to a summer show in Fordingbridge and (having just recently decided on adding a puppy to our brood) we found ourselves inexplicably drawn to the beautiful 'PretAPawter' dog paraphernalia stand and instantly got talking to its creator, Lyn. Basically Pret A Pawter is an exciting new generation of stylish dog walking bags designed for the discerning dog walker. Fusing fashion with practicality and affordability these beautifully handmade, clever bags tick all the boxes when it comes to walking a dog. Not only do they pack a punch visually, they are waterproof, have a built in poop bag holder and wipeable treat pocket as well as a mini torch and a shoulder strap that doubles as an emergency dog lead. Genius!

Anyway, with my wife's extensive background in fashion PR and marketing and my photography expertise, we hit it off with Lyn straight away...we loved the brand, its owner and her passion and Lyn (as a start up business owner) loved our enthusiasm and creative ideas for promoting the brand to the next level. To cut a long story short, my wife now works mentoring Lyn and marketing the brand on a monthly basis and, in line with this, I was commissioned to produce a collection of brand photography to showcase the bags for 'The Country Living Show' in Alexander Palace where Lyn is next exhibiting!

Pretapawter is set for big things so keep an eye out for Lyn at the many country shows she is exhibiting at around the country.

The photos are amazing, thank you so much Carl.

Lyn Patmore, Business Owner, Pretapawter.