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Verwood, Dorset
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Street Art is everywhere you look, it always has been, it’s embedded in street culture and it’s a part of our everyday lives from corporate marketing to small time unknown artists. You’ll see it on building, trains, in subways on rooftops, pretty much every location you care to look at, it’s all around us. I enjoy visiting various places and snapping pictures of vibrant bespoke street art. One day it’s there the next day it could be replaced with something totally different. The artist fight for canvas space to display their work so every potential free space is a target for some king of art.

One of my favorite places to visit is of course London, there are literally thousands of different pieces of work covering vast amounts of space by many hundreds of street artists, one of the most famous being Banksy. The talent you see all over London is outstanding, it’s amazing to see such vibrant and far reaching technics around every corner. Some hot spots for such art are area’s like Brick Lane, Shoreditch, Hackney, Spitalfields to name a few.

"If you would like to purchase any of these photographs on canvas to hang on a wall then please get in touch any option and size are available.

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